Let’s talk about the overuse of UI templates. First I’d like to point out how democratization in front-end languages impacts way more on design than it should. Designers just seem to forget they are suppose to make patterns happen and not just follow CSS new possibilities. Don’t be owned. Usually design templates goes with the flow and we end up with no unique designs and same patterns all over : sliders, drop shadows, round corners, PARALLAX.

Maybe you have stumbled upon it,  templates are everywhere. This magnificent website sums it all up as to what is to avoid in your creative portfolio :



Not questioning the use of Bootstrap Grid and what a great responsive framework it is, or the efficiency or your favourite CMS, just saying a little customization won’t do you wrong, specially on your portfolio. Which should be simple and emphasize on your work, not on what a great job you did at finding a beautiful free responsive theme. So here’s a tip to designers : focus on staging your work on Behance or Dribbble or literally any online portfolio and spare everyone else the disappointment of yet another Bootstrap theme.


Dropping some examples of unique portfolios, feel free to take a look and get inspired :